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GWI to drill well at Port Kaituma

first_img…after mercury found in waterwayRelief will soon be given to residents of Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD) as the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) on Friday announced that a well will be drilled to supply water to the community.This comes after water from the Port Kaituma River tested positive for mercury a few weeks ago.Addressing media operatives, GWI Managing Director Dr Richard Van West-Charles explained that the samples collected from the Port Kaituma River contained traces of mercury.As such, emergency interventions had to be put in place by drilling a well after it was realised that the well at Turn Basin was not functional. Presently, he noted that works were underway to have another well drilled at Turn Basin.“The Kaituma River, we’ve tested the water and it has proven to be high in mercury. In addition, the one well at Ten Basin is not functional and we have had to take emergency actions to have another well drilled, which has commenced at Turn Basin… we hope that within another three to four weeks, that situation will beGWI Managing Director, Dr Richard Van West-Charleshave a significant relief,” he said.The official stated that while the well would be completed in a few weeks’ time, filters and jerry cans were provided to persons in the community, so that they can filter water that is obtained from the nearby rivers and creeks.He further noted that in relation to treatment plants across the country, 22 of the 24 have complied with standards set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO).“With respect to the treatment plants, 22 out of the 24 treatment plants were consistently compliant with WHO’s standards. We had fluctuations in two cases – Vergenoegen and Central. In essence, we’re working and monitoring and testing very frequently to ensure that the water that is available, that leaves our treatment plants are all in compliance with WHO standard,” said Van West-Charles.Apart from these projects, works are also underway for the completion of a new well at Arakaka and the installation of a C2 Lifesaver filter tank at the Port Kaituma Hospital.A new well was also drilled at Koko, Moruca, North West District (NWD) to provide potable water for approximately 500 persons in 102 households at a total cost of $8.7 million.Additional works are currently being undertaken in Hosororo and Mabaruma to enable residents to obtain access to treated water for the first time. The works include the construction of filters and a new pumping system.Preparatory works have commenced for the drilling of a new well at Kamwatta which will see approximately 600 persons gaining access to potable water for the first time.last_img read more