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West Virginia Weighs FirstEnergy’s Bid to Pass Risk to Ratepayers

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Charleston Gazette:The state Public Service Commission began to hear testimony Tuesday in a hotly contested and controversial case over FirstEnergy’s effort to transfer one of its coal-fired power plants to a West Virginia subsidiary, a move that consumer advocates and environmental groups say is aimed at unloading an uncompetitive generation station onto ratepayers in the state’s regulated electricity market.Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy wants to transfer its 1,600-megawatt Pleasants Power Station at Willow Island from its Allegheny Energy Supply arm to its West Virginia subsidiaries, Monongahela Power and Potomac Edison. The deal would move Pleasants from a competitive energy market to West Virginia’s regulated market, and requires prior PSC approval.The companies say the $195 million deal would address a shortfall in generating capacity for Mon Power. The proposal includes a temporary “surcharge,” but the companies say related rate decreases will, in the end, result in $12 in annual savings to their average customer.Critics of the FirstEnergy proposal say that the company’s promises of a rate decrease are based on overly rosy projections of the ability of the Pleasants plant’s future revenues. One witness for citizen groups filed prepared testimony arguing that the deal could end up costing ratepayers more than $400 million. PSC staff argue that the FirstEnergy proposal comes with “too many unknowns, variables and corresponding risks.”More: PSC starts hearing on Pleasants power plant transfer West Virginia Weighs FirstEnergy’s Bid to Pass Risk to Ratepayerslast_img read more

Wildfires Reported in South Carolina Upstate

first_imgOfficials have determined that the Pinnacle Mountain wildfire was sparked by a campfire burning on the Foothills Trail on November 9.Both the Table Rock fire and the Pinnacle Mountain fire have reportedly reached approximately 250 acres in size.In addition to the SCDNR imposed burn ban, the South Carolina Forestry Commission has issued burn bans for 5 Upstate counties and the entire Piedmont region.Like the fires currently burning in Western North Carolina, North Georgia, East Tennessee and Virginia, the South Carolina wildfires are a direct result of extremely dry conditions brought about by weeks of drought and unseasonably warm weather.Related: You can now add South Carolina to the list of Southeastern states with active, drought-induced wildfires.Late last night Greenville News reported that wildfires on the iconic Table Rock Mountain and neighboring Pinnacle Mountain, are responsible for hazy, smoky air in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas.jocasseefire11-10-2016The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) has issued a burn ban on the 33,000-acre Jocassee Gorges area in northern Pickens and Oconee counties.According to the SCDNR, a 10-mile section of the Foothills Trail between Table Rock State Park and Sassafras Mountain has been closed as 30 or more firefighters battle the significant wildfire, mostly on State Park lands.last_img read more

Chaitén Volcano In Southern Chile Increasingly Active

first_imgBy Dialogo April 17, 2009 The activity of the Chaitén volcano, which has been erupting since May 2008 in southern Chile, has steadily increased since April 8, the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin) reported today. The increase in activity since that day has been “continuous and sustained,” said the agency, which also said that since then there has been a daily average of 16 earthquakes with magnitudes of up to 4.5 on the Richter scale in the volcano, which is located about 1,200 kilometers from Santiago. The Chaitén volcano began to erupt on May 2, 2008, and forced the evacuation of more than 5,000 inhabitants of the town of the same name, located at just ten kilometers from the crater, and which is also the capital of the province of Palena, in the region of Los Lagos. In subsequent months, the volcanic material caused rivers to overflow. Their water devastated much of the town, which became uninhabitable and led the government to choose a new location around ten kilometers further north on which to rebuild. According to Sernageomin, the increase in seismic energy released in recent days may be related to the faster growth of the domes formed in the volcano after it began to erupt. According to the agency, this may cause explosions and flows of chunks of volcanic material and ashes that could affect the valleys adjacent to the volcano, generating hazardous lahars (fast flows of dense mixtures of rock particles and water drained from volcanoes). The area of the volcano has remained below cloudy sky for the last few days, and the lava domes and columns of gases and ashes in the volcano have only occasionally been visible. The Sernageomin said that the width of the column has increased, although its height has not risen more than 1.5 km above the domes, compared to the over 20 kilometers it reached in the early weeks of the eruption. Last week the volcano Llaima, located about 670 kilometers from Santiago in the Araucanía region, also caused alarm with a new cycle of eruptions, and forced authorities to declare a red alert in five nearby towns and to evacuate several dozen residents. However, the situation has calmed in recent days for Llaima, considered one of the most active volcanoes in South America. Regional authorities lowered the alert level from red to yellow today. EFElast_img read more

Tesla Center Gets $1M Grant for Inventor’s 158th Birthday

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Jane Alcorn, president of Shoreham’s Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, had a big reason to smile at the birthday bash she hosted for the famed inventor Nikola Tesla, who would have turned 158 on Thursday.She made the morning complete when she told the party guests that Elon Musk, the Canadian-American billionaire who is the CEO of the electric car company Tesla Motors and the rocket company SpaceX, had pledged $1 million to help the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe reach its next phase.Musk had participated in a conference call on Monday with Eugene Genova, the vice president of the center’s nonprofit group, and Matthew Inman, whose Oatmeal blog had raised enough money in less than two weeks in 2012 to help the center buy the property for $850,000 and save it from developers. Not only did Musk promise the big bucks, Alcorn reported, he declared he’d build a supercharging station for his electric cars at the Shoreham site.Tesla, whose breakthroughs in electricity impressed Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan, would have smiled. Without his development of alternating current, where would we be today? His goal for Wardenclyffe was far-reaching indeed: sending energy wirelessly around the globe to empower all the people of the world.Alcorn’s welcome announcement came before the vanilla and chocolate sheet cake was served. But it was clearly the icing, metaphorically speaking, on a wonderfully touching ceremony that included a medley of songs that were hits when the Serbian inventor was young—from “Sidewalks of New York” to “America the Beautiful” as performed by Lori London, “a big fan” who flew in from Chicago for the event—as well as live streaming from a pair of Tesla aficionados in Palo Alto, Calif. And poignant reminiscences by one of Tesla’s living relatives, William H. Terbo, now 85, who met his great uncle in Manhattan when he was 10 years old.Practically destitute at the time, Tesla was living at the New Yorker Hotel at 34th Street and 8th Avenue, unable to do little more than dream and feed the pigeons on his windowsill. He died there in 1943.Terbo said he was “intimidated” by meeting Tesla but “old enough to understand what was going on,” knowing that his mother wanted to find out how bad off her uncle was.“He was not a good businessman because it was never his intention to be a good businessman,” Terbo said. “His father was a Serbian orthodox priest. My grandfather was also a Serbian orthodox priest and he married Tesla’s sister. That type of clerical background gave him a much more moralistic view of what was the object of life. Not to make great wealth, or have great fame, but do something good for the whole world. And I think that is the image he had in his mind.”As a tribute to Tesla’s appreciation of birds, Rob Bentivegna from the Rocky Point Fire Department’s Shoreham Company, brought a dozen of his white homing pigeons to Wardenclyffe in a wooden crate. They were released after the presentations were done, and some birds even flew under the tent above the seated guests before soaring into the sky.Accompanying the commemoration were a pair of proclamations honoring Tesla’s birthday from U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and a short presentation from a staffer in the office of Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southamton), who spoke while a United States flag, which had flown over the Capitol on Tesla’s birthday last year, was being raised.William Turbo, Tesla’s grandnephew, is the distinguished silver-haired gentleman at the podium. (Spencer Rumsey/Long Island Press)Before the Empire State flag was run up the flag pole, New York State Sen. Ken Lavalle (R-Port Jefferson) praised the accomplishments of the Wardenclyffe center’s board to get to this point, comparing Alcorn to the Energizer Bunny. He noted that Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently proclaimed July 10th “Nikola Tesla Day in the State of New York,” which drew a round of applause.Also on hand were Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine and Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Jane Bonner—by coincidence he in a polka dot tie and she in a polka dot dress—who spoke glowingly as the Brookhaven Town flag was raised.“She’s an inspiration to carry on the legacy of science,” said Suffolk County Legis. Sarah Anker (D-Mt. Sinai), who recently got the county legislature to pass a resolution also honoring Tesla’s July 10th birthday in perpetuity. “Just picture what America would be like without Nikola Tesla. It would be far behind the times.”The new mayor of Shoreham Village, Ed Weiss, solemnly presented the Shoreham burgee to Alcorn and humorously recalled his “personal interest” in Wardenclyffe after moving to Suffolk from Queens in the 1950s. Growing up a block away, he and his brother used to play baseball at a field nearby, and “if you hit the ball into this property, it was a home run!” The crowd laughed in appreciation.“We had no idea of the significance of this site at the time,” Weiss said. “But we certainly understand the significance of it right now.”As Neil Baggett, the organization’s secretary, spoke, volunteers raised “the Earth flag” in front of the lab itself.“As we learned from Matt Inman’s dramatic crowd-funding effort in 2012, Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and visionary, is truly a world citizen,” Bagget said, referring to contributions that came from around the globe to help Wardenclyffe. “When Tesla stood where we’re standing today, he had a vision of a connected world…Therefore, by the authority invested in me, and by at least 40,000 people all around the world, I hereby proclaim July 10th to be Nikola Tesla Day all around the world now and forever!”The ceremony was being held on “hallowed ground,” Alcorn reminded the assembled crowd. “You’re sitting within the confines of the tower base where above you once stood a tower 187 feet high—the tallest thing on Long Island.” Tesla started construction there in 1901 but by 1905 he was out of money—Morgan had pulled out—and his goal would never be achieved.When the nonprofit took title to the site last year, Genova, the center’s vice president, recalled, he and his board knew they had a lot of work to do just to gain access to the grounds, let alone rehabilitate the laboratory designed for Tesla by the great American architect Stanford White.The statue of Tesla was presented to the science center last year by the Republic of Serbia. Officials celebrated the occasion with a birthday cake. (Spencer Rumsey/Long Island Press)“We couldn’t even move in these areas,” he said. Genova and another member of the board had to bring in chain saws. Over time their efforts inspired “hundreds of volunteers” from the local community and beyond who have spent “2,000 hours” since last May to further Wardenclyffe’s transformation from a photoproducts facility that had fallen into neglect (at one point it was a Superfund site) into “a goddamned Tesla museum,” he joked, invoking Inman’s online manifesto that evoked such an overwhelming response.As Tesla biographer, W. Bernard Carlson, told the audience about Wardenclyffe, “This is as special a place in the world of modern science and technology as you can find.”A University of Virginia engineering professor and department chair, Carlson spent 15 years writing “Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age.” He regaled the birthday party-goers with Tesla’s brilliance.“Tesla is, as I like to emphasize, the visionary, the man who saw the Information Age,” Carlson said. “Oftentimes people said in the 1950s he’s the man who invented the 20th century. I say, no, he’s the man who invented the 21st century.”Once Wardenclyffe is renovated—it currently has asbestos and other toxic building materials inside the building that must be removed—the plan is to feature Tesla’s inventions and highlight his theories in a museum setting and house a laboratory for inventors to work on their own prototypes and a place for innovators to turn their dreams into reality.last_img read more

No more mango: Flavored e-cigarettes banned in New York

first_imgIn January 2020, New York State Supreme Court Judge Catherine Cholakis ruled the state Public Health and Health Planning Council overstepped its authority, and issued an injunction against the order. Vaping advocates have previously told 12 News this ban would ruin business for local stores that sell flavored e-cigarettes. They said because the age to buy tobacco products is 21, it should be up to adults to make their own choices and a blanket ban is unfair to adults who want to use flavored e-cigarettes. (WBNG) — New York’s ban on flavored e-cigarettes in the state, as well as all tobacco purchases in pharmacies, went into effect Monday. The Broome County Health Department says the ban is a win because of the potential health benefits for teenagers. The department says more than 35 percent of Broome County seniors in high school used vaping products, largely because of fruity flavors.center_img Included in the state’s budget for 2020-21 that was approved in April, the ban includes all flavors of vaping products. Methanol flavor is included in that ban but tobacco is not. Additionally, the health department says it’s important tobacco sales have been banned in pharmacies as well; the department says research shows the more children and teenagers are exposed to tobacco products, the more likely they are to try them. It has been a long process for this ban to take effect; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to ban flavored e-cigarettes using an executive order in September. last_img read more

TUI presented a ten-point plan for hotel operations

first_imgHygiene and disinfection Immediately after TUI was forced to largely suspend operations due to travel restrictions worldwide, the Group decided to apply for a € 1,8 billion loan. “Together with destinations and our partners, we have developed extensive protection measures for our guests. The demand for the holidays is still very high. People want to travel. Our integrated business model allows us to start travel activities as soon as possible again. The season starts later, but could last longer. For 2020, we will “invent” a new vacation: new destinations, changed seasons, new local offer, more digitalization. ”Said Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group. “With our integrated group-wide health and safety management system, we can ensure that our hotels meet the high expectations of guests and provide the best possible protection against infections in these unusual times.”Explained Sebastian Ebel, TUI board member responsible for the Holiday experiences. 10 ) New training: TUI will train all employees in its own hotels. There will be a comprehensive independent training and inspection program for partner hotels. Hotel organization 1) Online Entry Form: Tourists who can check in contactlessly at most hotels by registering online via the hotel’s website or via a smartphone. Key measures include intensive cleaning, social distance between staff and guests, almost no buffet food and less fun or sports activities. 4) Restaurant: Limiting the number of guests in restaurants capacity will be significantly reduced. The tables will be placed at a distance of at least 1,5 meters.5) Extension of working hours: In order to provide enough space for all guests, the opening hours of the restaurant and other hotel facilities will be extended.6) Entertainment and activities: Only events, sports and entertainment involving a small number of participants and no close contact will be available. The offer of the spa will be adjusted, and the care of children will be organized according to the new standards. Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group: The season starts later, but could take longer 7) Disinfection device extension: The number of dispensers will increase significantly so that guests and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points.8) Room cleaning: all rooms will be thoroughly ‘deeply cleaned’ before arrival and after the departure of all guests.9) Self-service restriction: Self-service offers, such as a buffet, will be kept to a minimum. Wherever possible, food and drink will be offered to guests by staff wearing protective masks. Here is a detailed plan: Capacityi Extensive training program Thus, TUI and DER Touristik presented their concepts, both for their own facilities and partner hotels, so that in the future they can act safely and hygienically in the fight against any spread of coronavirus in tourism. TUI’s 10-point plan, with a range of measures and standards, will be implemented in 400 of its own brands such as TUI Blue, Robinson and TUI Magic Life and made available to their hotel partners. The two largest European tour operator groups, TUI and DER Touristik, want hotels to introduce social distance measures and improve hygiene standards, including the abolition of the breakfast buffet, so that they can work safely after lifting travel restrictions with anti-coronavirus. It is interesting to note that 35 percent of the summer program for 2020 is currently reserved in TUI. On the other hand, the TUI Group plans to reduce the number of employees by 8.000. 2) Distance rule: In public areas, such as restaurants, hallways or gyms, all employees are required to keep a distance of 1,5 to two meters between them and guests. For example, tables in restaurants will only be cleaned when guests have emptied them.3) Staff planning: Staff will work together in fixed teams to reconstruct possible chains of infection.last_img read more

Swindon Fleet Street centre gets green light

first_imgTo access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week. Would you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletterslast_img

Luiz wins legal battle against company for using pic of him crying

first_img Loading… Read Also: FA Cup Final: How Chelsea will lineup vs Arsenal after latest injuries He has given away a number of penalties and was sent-off in the first game of Project Restart at Manchester City. But Luiz showed that he is not quite finished yet after putting in a brilliant display as Arsenal beat City in the FA Cup semi-final. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content10 Phones That Can Work For Weeks Without RechargingThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreHere Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!10 Awesome TV Series That Got Cancelled Way Too Soon7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too Much11 Strange Facts About Your Favorite TV ShowsCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Top 7 Best Car Manufacturers Of All Time7 Reasons It’s Better To Be A Vegan That World Cup was held on home soil and a whole nation expected their men to go all the way. Had they gone on to beat the eventual winners in that semi-final it would have set up a mouthwatering final against bitter rivals Argentina. Luiz is likely to be in the starting line-up later today as the Gunners take on Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley. The 33-year-old has been criticised at times this season for several defensive errors that have ended up costing his team. David Luiz has reportedly won a court battle against a construction company that called him “amateur” and used a photo of him crying in one of their adverts. Wemake Construction used the famous image of Luiz crying after Brazil’s 7-1 demolition by Germany in the World Cup semi-final in 2014. The picture of Luiz crying had written next to it: “I just wanted to make my people happy.” Text underneath the image said: “When you hire amateurs to take care of your family’s dream, it is almost certain to be 7 to 1.” Luiz decided to sue the company for misuse of image and moral damage but the claim was originally thrown out. However, after appealing the decision, the Arsenal defender has since been awarded around £4,400 in compensation, according to Judges ruled the second time around that the construction company could not have used Luiz’s image without his permission. The semi-final loss to the Germans has gone down as the worst moment in Brazil’s footballing history.Advertisementlast_img read more

Walton Delivers Key Argonaut Win

first_img April 27, 2007Box Score FLORENCE, Ala. – Taren Walton (Pensacola, Fla./Daytona Beach CC) limited North Alabama to one run on two hits as West Florida earned a 2-1 win on Friday at Cox Creek Park. The game was the first of two in a rescheduled double header from Apr. 1. West Florida (29-22, 10-9 GSC) improved to 8-11 in one-run games. North Alabama (31-17, 10-8 GSC) dropped to 6-47 all-time against West Florida.Walton retired the first 12 batters en route to the win. Lindsay Bates recorded the only two hits off of Walton, a fifth inning single and a seventh inning double. It was Walton’s second two-hitter in as many starts. She only allowed two hits in a 1-0 win over West Alabama on Sunday.West Florida scored their two runs in the bottom of the second inning. Julie Carroll (Calgary, Alberta, Canada/Liberty Univ.) led off with a single. Valerie Staub (East Brunswick, N.J./Wallace-Dothan CC) then reached on a fielder’s choice and Ellen Marsh (Ankeny, Iowa/Central Florida CC) walked to load the bases with one out. Melissa Chastang (Saraland, Ala./Satsuma HS) hit a ground ball back to pitcher Sabrina Roberts, who threw home for the potential force out at home. But North Alabama catcher Jessica Liddy dropped the ball, allowing Carroll to score. Ashlee Simpson (Decatur, Ala./Jefferson State CC) followed with an RBI single to give West Florida a 2-0 lead.North Alabama answered with a run in the top of the fifth inning. The Lions put runners at second and third with no outs after a single and an error. Maggi Eades plated a run with a sacrifice fly RBI. But Walton prevented any further damage by retiring the next two hitters.North Alabama put the tying run in scoring position in the top of seventh inning after Lindsay Bates one out double. But Walton struck out Amy Goebel and induced Kendall Miller into a fly out to end the game.Walton (15-8) struck out seven and only walked one in the complete game victory. Roberts (11-8) suffered the loss after allowing two runs on seven hits while striking out four. Simpson recorded her eighth career three-hit gamePrint Friendly Version Walton Delivers Key Argonaut Win Sharelast_img read more

Richard Sallee, 59

first_imgRichard Sallee, 59, Greensburg, passed away on Friday, April 10, 2020 at his residence in Greensburg. Born, September 5, 1960 in Greensburg, Indiana, he was the son of Leo A. “Ottie” and Ethel Mae (Hammil) Sallee.  Rick was a graduate of Greensburg High School.  He had worked for 25 years at NTN-BCA and then for 12 years at the Greensburg City Street Department.  He was a member of the Eagles Lodge and the American Legion. He was married to Roxie McClintic on March 29, 2002 in Greensburg and she survives. He is also survived by one son, Travis Redelman, Indianapolis; two grandchildren, Jarcyn Redelman and Aryan Rice both of Indianapolis; three brothers, David (Angie) Sallee, Greensburg, Daniel “Joe” (Arletta) Sallee, Greensburg, Clifford Sallee and Rita, Milroy; two sisters, Sarah Jane Clark, Greensburg, Christine (Art) Powers, Greensburg; one sister-in-law, Linda Hammil, Greensburg; several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, Alfred Sallee and Charles Wayne “Tony” Hammil; one brother in law, Robert Clark. Due to the recent public health mandate of limited gatherings, a private graveside service will be held for the immediate family at South Park Cemetery. Porter-Oliger-Pearson Funeral Home has been entrusted with the arrangements. Online condolences can be made to the family at www.popfuneralhome.comlast_img read more