Xining Public Security Bureau Security Detachment organized a forum on security work

In order to further standardize the market order of the security service industry in our city, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the customers and security service enterprises and their security guards, and promote the healthy development of the security service industry

in order to further standardize the market order of the security service industry in our city, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of customers and security service companies and their security guards, and promote the healthy development of the city’s security services. According to the Ministry of public security "on the security system and financial security system to carry out visits to comment on police activities of the notice" spirit, in March 18, 2011, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment called the city’s 11 security manager of the company on the unification of security service charges, to avoid unfair competition, promote the development of the security market problems in the discussion. President of the provincial security management association Su Qingbao, provincial public security corps security management detachment vice captains Cheng Kewen, Li Xinmei was invited to the meeting. Meeting by the security detachment to let too much.

, first by the Ministry of security corps security management detachment Cheng Kewen had announced the "2011 Annual security service industry in Qinghai province" (green fee price guide Insurance Association No. [2011]03), discussed "on the security service industry in Xining charge limit the specific content of the agreement". The captain was too focused on the current situation of the city’s security market and the signing of the "security services in Xining area limits on the purpose of the agreement. The security companies have discussed the "Qinghai Province security services industry price guidance price" and "the Xining area security service charges limit agreement" respectively. Companies generally believe that the "security service fees of 2011 to determine the annual security service industry in Qinghai province" in the basic price guide fees in accordance with the market situation, Xining Municipal Bureau of public security detachment set "on the security service of Xining area limit agreement" in charge, as determined by the service fee for the lowest price limit, the company should be abide by the agreement, should conscientiously implement the black box operation, lower prices of the phenomenon. At the same time, the company should be more communication, mutual supervision.


, Cheng g temperature captains will be this year’s focus on security work made clear: is a to carry out security officer qualification examination work must be completed during the year, a unified security certificate; two is gradually standardized self security team, to determine the self security unit standard according to the overall situation of the city, for the into the security team management, the record in the public security organ; three increase the intensity of supervision of security clothing standardized management, resolutely avoid the uniforms, wearing the rank. four is to strengthen the supervision of the company’s operating behavior, once verified by the report, in strict accordance with the security regulations to be punished. Finally, President of the provincial security management association Su Qingbao said, ministries and documents, the city Bureau set system, its only one purpose, is through the guidance and supervision, the security company to achieve "high-quality, safe and efficient" service quality, promote the healthy development of the city’s security service industry. Here are the company’s legal person, the city’s entire security market environment is good,;

Xining held in 2015 the second batch of public rental housing allocation Yaohao ceremony

August 28th, Xining, the second batch of public rental housing allocation Yaohao ceremony held in Chaoyang District, north of the city in the primary school, a total of 340 public rental households to apply for a round of housing dream in the world, in 2015. In addition, the third batch of allocation of public rental Yaohao at the end of September, is expected to distribute more than and 400 houses.

Open Yaohao the distribution of public rental housing a total of 340 sets of houses are city Ruihua district and Rui and Jiayuan in Nanchuan Road No. 139, a total of 131 units, the standard rent is 10.5 yuan per square meter, apartment layout area of 35.14 square meters to 62.98 square meters; City North Green Tang town of area a which is located in the Qaidam Road No. 539, a total of 209 units, the standard rent is 8 yuan per square meter, apartment layout area of 52.47 square meters to 57.03 square meters. The above three areas are high-level, Huxing reasonable design, complete infrastructure facilities, beautiful environment.

Women’s basketball team won the northwest champion thirteen times

In the final in the Northwest Division China College Basketball League ended in March 29th in CUBA, Qinghai Normal University Women’s basketball team to a 67:48 victory over Xiwang Group strength of the Xi’an Jiao Tong University women’s basketball team, successfully defending, thirteen times won the Northwest Division champion, created the CUBA partition champion record.

Understanding and thinking of the six plus four model of honest and clean government culture

since the 17th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the construction of clean government culture. The Central Committee issued "to establish a sound education, system and supervision system of punishing and preventing corruption in the implementation of the program" clearly stated, "we should vigorously promote the construction of clean government culture, actively promote honest pride, to corruption as disgrace." Therefore, the use of the cultural appeal, multi-level, multi-channel, all-round strengthening the construction of clean government culture, for in the whole society to carry forward the idea of improving the consciousness, advocate the moral, to create the atmosphere, has a special important role and significance to prevent the occurrence of corruption. Strengthen the construction of clean government culture, give full play to the construction of clean government culture jizhuoyangqing, uphold the function of ideological field to advanced and clean government culture with health, helps to develop the excellent tradition and style, to resist various decadent ideology, to help the majority of Party members and cadres to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values and right view, view of status, interests, build a strong ideological and moral line, improve the ability of resisting corruption, maintain the advanced nature of the Communist party.

first, the achievements of the establishment of clean government culture in Datong County

county Party organizations at all levels to carry out a wide range of clean government culture "into six" activities, activities to fully mobilize and inspire the whole society to participate in the cadres and the masses, and actively explore ways and innovative forms, rich content, expand the carrier, and actively guide the county Party members and cadres and the masses to learn, use of low-cost, low-cost, low-cost tree worship, creating a strong the missionary work pattern. Has made great achievements and accumulated a lot of valuable experience.     one is organs tree atmosphere "thick". According to the characteristics of the industry and the actual, in the various departments and county units to carry out a wide range of activities of the cultural construction of the rich and colorful. County Water Authority, forestry bureau, social insurance bureau, county housing and Construction Bureau, Jingyang town government, the township government has roots in the office and corridor hung with pictures and the warning posters and slogans, the party and government of the unit to open, each unit of each organization staff watch warning education not less than 5 times, to carry out the warning education not less than 3 times, in the county authorities formed a thick atmosphere of low-cost low tree worship. Two is a form of school education live". In order to strengthen the ideological and moral education of minors as the starting point, the clean government culture into campus culture, into the classroom teaching, accurately grasp the point of integration to the education and the classroom education, educate and guide students to firmly establish the honest pride in the ideological and moral concepts. One in six, Datong Garden Primary School and other campus suspension and posted to the aphorisms as the main content of the propaganda posters and pictures in the campus library dedicated to the creation of the "the bookcase", to carry out the culture as the theme of the singing, painting and calligraphy exhibition, the story of the activity, lets the student in the flexible the activities of perception, understanding, understanding the essence of the culture, and enhance the ability of students to distinguish between right and wrong, promote the formation of good school spirit.

Xining industrial and commercial renovation of the surrounding environment of substandard food and s

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to understand, to protect students’ consumption safety, from February 20th to early March, the Xining city industry and commerce departments at all levels will carry out the campus surrounding environment special rectification activities, focus on examination of the Xining City Campus surrounding small shops and stalls and other business field, sales of "three noes" food, fake food the unqualified, school supplies business households to heavy penalties or in accordance with the law.

it is understood that the special inspection of the focus of remediation schools and the surrounding food store, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and whether the management, whether the sale of expired metamorphism, three noes food, substandard school supplies, the implementation of supervision and quantitative grading management and the purchase and sale of food from purchase ledger, certificate and invoice approval system food hygiene, commodity compulsory certification marks are complete. (author: Wu Yachun)


Qinghai national fitness center upgrade will bring four changes

As a key cultural Huimin project in Xining Province – Qinghai National Fitness Center renovation and upgrading of state-owned land on the housing levy is being carried out in an orderly manner. The Xining public health, culture and leisure, shopping malls and other sports facilities in one, carrying the Xining city cultural quality, improve the service functions of the city’s major infrastructure construction projects, from the beginning of the project has attracted wide public interest. November 26th, the reporter learned that, after the completion of the new fitness center, will bring four major changes in the city of Xining and the general public. The change of fitness facilities: the newly built national fitness center building area of about 300 thousand square meters, a 10 on the ground floor of the sports center, maximize all sports; Xiachenshiguangchang with its excellent safety performance, will become a good place for autumn and winter fitness public swimming pool facilities; the tennis hall, and other venues will also appeared together, Qinghai province has become the largest and most advanced facilities of national fitness venues and sports theme complex. The change of leisure experience: the new fitness center will be the first choice for public recreation and fitness, not only to attract the public facilities of the fitness facilities, the green ground to expand, improve the supporting facilities for the public, showing a park like strolling entertainment, fitness, shopping, leisure and entertainment one of the National Fitness Center, will bring new people feel the construction of leisure. Changes in traffic patterns: traffic congestion, parking difficulties, traffic flow and traffic is the original fitness centers around the face of prominent problems. The national fitness center in the new "borrowed" to the underground space, will build a 1295 space three underground parking lot in the field of underground, and in the West and north of the opening of the 4 lateral to the underground garage entrance, to facilitate public access at the same time, the vehicle restrictions present museum periphery, effectively alleviate traffic the pressure around the stadium, people hunhang car will become history. Living conditions change: the original fitness center in 80s and 90s 6, the last century building, in order to completely change the living conditions of residents, the national fitness center in the new process, the original old building demolition by the replacement property of new residents, in 2016 is expected to be back here, the whole new high-rise residential occupancy from 51.06 to 6 square meters, 161.3 square meters apartment layout optimization, will meet the housing needs of different residents. At present, the project involves the public has by the demolition of the entire agreement is completed, more than 80% of households have signed a compensation agreement, three years after the residents will move back to the site.  

Questionnaire into the north of the city of the people of the same city

corner corners of the sanitary dead no spitting, less, more and more beautiful in the street…… With the continuous deepening of the work of the city, the quality of the public continues to improve, the implementation of the cadres of the organs significantly improved, urban quality and civilization to a new level. In recent days, the north of the city in the household survey activities, the majority of residents have since the founding of the city in the north of the social harmony and healthy development of the road on the road to the great changes issued heartfelt praise.
in the survey, most of the residents reflect the North: "a city seems very far away from us, but actually very close to us. The city has a city, street law enforcement staff, vendors blocked road vehicles parked disorder was less; sanitation workers, sanitation workers more, littered less; many volunteers, uncivilized phenomenon less." (author: Zhang Guoxing right Fan Shengdong)


Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out special law enforcement to protect the

in the plateau people’s passion to meet the Olympic flame on the occasion of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games Organizing Committee of the Department of legal affairs on behalf of BOCOG to the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau City Branch letter, on the "law to protect the Olympic logo infringement investigation practices, fully affirmed and highly appraised".

this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau branch of the city in order to implement the "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", strengthen the protection of the exclusive right of the Olympic symbols, with the countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games and Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in the mainland of China in accordance with the activities of the arrival of "the protection of the Olympic standard designed exclusive rights action plan" arrangement, earnestly the protection of the exclusive rights of the Olympic symbols. Targeted launched a number of special rectification actions, remediation period, highlighting the key areas and key areas, key links, key commodities and printing industry. Severely crack down on the illegal use of the Olympic logo, the sale of goods infringing on Olympic symbols and the illegal printing of Olympic symbols. And increased the intensity of the daily market inspections, scenic spots, tourist souvenir shops, urban and rural areas, such as the combination of easy problems, to carry out clean-up, rectification and special law enforcement inspection. To permit some enterprises without the right people, does not directly use the Olympic trademark, name, logo, and adopted a more subtle way, to suggest a correlation between the business and the Olympic Games through the ingenious design, indirect use of Olympic Games to enhance the commercial value of the invisible market behavior of the product or service awareness, increase the the administrative supervision and examination of the Olympic Games and there is competition between enterprises sponsoring non sponsor enterprises publicity behavior. Urge the market organizers to strengthen self-management, starting from me, demanding attention in the operator’s thinking. At the same time, in dealing with the units or individuals involved in the operation of the Olympic logo exclusive rights propaganda and guidance. At the same time, the bureau to strengthen the propaganda and training work of the "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", formulated the emergency plan and action plan effectively, once the infringement of the exclusive right of the Olympic symbols, discovery, control and solve in the first time period, found a total of suspected violations of the Olympic logo operators exclusive right there are 13 problems a total of 6600 medals, collecting stickers collage, stickers, 3850 sets of copper 420, 2560 gold jewelry chain, magnet painting 32. For the success of the Olympic Games to create a good environment for the protection of intellectual property rights.


West 5 years to build the rule of law demonstration area

the morning of November 5th, West District held the rule of law to promote the construction of the Western Conference, the meeting stressed that the west district will target at a higher starting point to identify the west to promote the rule of law, and strive to achieve in 2018 to build the city’s legal construction demonstration area goal. A target of four
location for further construction of the new West End strength, rich masses, city beauty and social stability ", the west area of constructing a new platform of rule of law to a new starting point, and comprehensively promote the construction of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and party. In accordance with the deployment of the municipal government to deepen the rule of law in Xining construction work, Chengxi District in the west, West Peace promoting the rule of law construction will explore some experience and practices around the general requirements of "one goal, four position" to promote the construction of the western rule of law.
– a goal: in 2018 to build the city’s legal construction demonstration area.
– four location:
create justice satisfaction area. To adhere to the judicial fairness and justice as the soul of the work, to promote fair and open to the public trust tree, fair trial, police, making full disclosure of all sectors of society and judicial organs satisfaction and basic satisfaction rate reached more than 95%; standardize judicial practices, improve the quality of personnel, quality stable and excellent cases, law related complaint and petition dropped; adhere to the procedure and the entity of both the organic unity of the outcome of the case to pay more attention to the legal effect and social effect, do the case knot things, and.
create social management innovation zone. To strengthen the organization construction, grid management, information support, built three social management service integrated information platform, the formation of Social Management District Commission, town (Office), community (Village) a stability maintenance work center (station), community grid information acquisition point of organizational structure.
create universal law of harmonious region. High standard to promote the "65 five-year plan, to strengthen legal education, legal publicity" eight "activities form the normalization mechanism, cadres take the lead in studying, the masses consciously abide by the law has encountered a problem of law, to solve the problem by law, the legal quality subtly enhanced in latent, truly the government administration according to law, cadres to the maintenance of stability, the masses to petition, civil rights law.
rule of western construction grasp the key link
"rule of western construction outline" put forward clearly, and strive to use five to seven years, the basic goal of comprehensively promote the rule of law in fall;

West Railway Station to implement the civil aviation security process

"Hello, please extend your arms and turn your body." West Railway Station entrance security department, security personnel with security equipment to check one by one into the pit. This year Shuyun train station implementation of civil aviation security procedures for passengers carrying goods have more stringent restrictions.

is now the implementation of the civil aviation security measures, the implementation of the passenger and the carrying of a person does not leak, one does not leak security, although many passengers do not understand, but this is conducive to the safe operation of the train. Passengers carrying lighters, hair gel, perfume and other items are a number of control, beyond a certain range, can not be brought into the car." West Railway Station passenger workshop Xu said.

according to reports, according to the provisions of the "Regulations" of railway passenger transportation, flammable liquid, pyrotechnic products, knives, liquefied gas items, firearms and ammunition, animal and chemical goods, are not brought into the station can take the car. The train station comes Shuyun peak, average day can seize seventy or eighty knife, and some nail polish, hair gel and other cosmetics. (author: Ni Xiaoying)